Yvonne Cresswell will be starting the fifth year of our Open Research Forums with an online talk on civilian internment on the Isle of Man during the First World War. The internment of civilians during the two world wars has been a major research topic for most of Yvonne’s career, starting with the exhibition and publication ‘Living with the Wire’ in 1994. It is a lesser known aspect of First World War history, which has traditionally focused on the Western Front, but is one that has received increasing attention over the last few years. Come along and find out more about life behind ‘the wire’ on 13 October at 6.15pm. Sign up via our event page or on Eventbrite.

Pen and ink sketches of the interment camp on Isle of Man. The writing is in German so the sketches were presumably by someone interned there. There is an sketch of a row of huts; a sketch of rows of bell tents behind barbed wire; a sketch of British troops performing a flag-raising ceremony; and a map of the Isle of Man with the location of the camp on it. The map also features a Manx cat and the three leg symbol of the Isle of Man.
October’s Forum – Civilian Internment in Britain during WW1

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