About Us

Leicester Vaughan College (LVC) is an independent higher education college set up as a co-operative community benefit society to continue the work of the former Vaughan College. We aim to provide university-level education dedicated to the needs of part-time learners and to those wanting ‘a second chance’ to study. For more information about community benefit societies see here.

We offer courses which are taught in a face-to-face setting outside traditional working hours of 9am to 5pm. Our courses are delivered either in evening classes on a weekly basis, or in workshops which take place on Saturdays. Nearly all our teaching takes place at the Leicester Adult Education College which is on Belvoir Street.

We currently have a non-accredited programme and are working towards offering fully-accredited degrees in various forms of counselling and in arts, humanities and social sciences. Our non-accredited programme is open to anyone without any formal qualifications; although it is taught at Framework of Higher Education Qualification (FHEQ) levels 3 and 4 we do not require students to have prior learning experience at this level. FHEQ level 3 is the same level as an A Level, access course or level 3 diploma; level 4 is the equivalent of the first year of a degree or a level 4 diploma. For information about the Framework of Higher Education Qualification  levels see here.

Our tutors have substantial experience in teaching adult learners. This means they are sensitive to the particular needs of adult learners and many have been mature students themselves. At the same time, our tutors are also experts in their subject areas. More information about our staff can be found here.

We want to ensure that our courses reflect the needs of local and regional communities. Our HE counselling programme will be particularly important for counselling providers within the City and the region, as students will be expected to gain experience of counselling through placements with these organisations.

Leicester Vaughan College also advocates secure working conditions and equitable pay for staff. It is structured to encourage co-operation among, and between staff, students and members of the Society in the development the College.  It operates on the principle that fair and supportive treatment of staff will also enhance the student experience.