Welcome to Leicester Vaughan College

Leicester Vaughan College (LVC) is an independent higher education college set up as a co-operative community benefit society to continue the work of the former Vaughan College.

We aim to provide university-level education dedicated to the needs of part-time learners and to those wanting ‘a second chance’ to study. For more information about community benefit societies see here.

Upcoming Courses & Events

Resonances and Representations: Aspects of The English Country House

Resonances And Representations: Aspects Of The English Country House is a 10 week evening course which will consider the politics of heritage, the struggle to save these houses, questions of race, imperialism and the slave trade, and the place of the servants' backbreaking work to make such splendour possible.

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The Class Politics of Foundation Years

Vaughan Open Research Forum is series of talks, workshops and interactive sessions which are open to anyone who is curious and wants to find out more.

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How to Write Fiction with Dr David Wharton

Suitable for those who hope to achieve publication and for those who simply enjoy writing as a leisure pursuit, How to Write Fiction is a 10-week online course covering general approaches and techniques for short stories, novellas and novels.

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