LVC’s annual general meeting took on Wednesday 18 January 2023 via ZOOM. It was great to see so many members present.

The meeting was chaired by outgoing Chair of the Board of Directors, Cllr Sue Waddington, who is going to be much missed by the Board.

Annual report of activities August 2021 to July 2022

During the meeting Lucy Faire, Board member, gave an overview of LVC activities between August 2021 and July 2022. She described the exploration of potential partnerships, events hosted by the Society and research and cooperative ventures undertaken. Ulla Rajala was congratulated and thanked for her work developing the social media presence of LVC and members on Facebook and Twitter were encouraged to follow and interact with LVC posts.

Update on partnership with Leicester Adult Education

This report was followed by an update on LVC’s partnership with Leicester Adult Education (LAE).  Kerry Gray, head of LAE, explained that the planned liberal arts degree had to be put on hold for the time-being because of the current economic climate making higher demands on LAE and as well as the programme carrying higher costs.  However, she was able to deliver the good news that LAE will be delivering Level 4 and Level 5 counselling courses in the next few years. This means that for the first time since the University of Leicester ended its foundation counselling degree programme in 2019, people in Leicester and Leicestershire will be able to train as counsellors with a local provider.

Financial report August 2021-July 2022

Blase Lambert, treasurer, presented the financial annual report and answered questions from the floor. The accounts reflected the transition between the Society using grants and assets to employ workers, and a stripped down model focusing on core costs.

Election of new directors and officers

Following the annual report, the meeting moved on to the election of new Directors and Officers.  Cllr Sue Waddington thanked the outgoing Directors, Rob Stevens, Tina Holt and Professor Bill Myers, for their work over the last year. She also thanked those Directors continuing on the Board: Monica Hingorani, Dr Ulla Rajala, Dr Miriam Gill, Blase Lambert, Sally Birch and Dr Lucy Faire. Four new Directors were elected by acclamation: Dr Jane Watts, Dr Ellie Pridgeon, Professor Bill Jones and Michael Curtis.  Lucy Faire was elected as Chair of the Board with Miriam Gill continuing as Secretary and Blase Lambert as Treasurer.

Lucy Faire, taking over the Chair, thanked Sue for all the hard work she had put into LVC since she became a Board member in 2018 and especially for her work as Chair through the difficult pandemic years.

Approval of Cllr Sue Waddington as Patron of the Society

The AGM ended with the approval of Cllr Sue Waddington as a new Patron of the Society, to join our current Patrons Dorothy Francis MBE, Jon Ashworth MP, and Professor Sir Alan Tuckett. Lucy Faire reminded the meeting about LVC’s fifth anniversary event and said she hoped to see everyone there.

Annual General Meeting – Report

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