Thinking about Medieval Murals

Image: Surviving lower half of the Refectory Mural in the Charterhouse, Coventry. Much of the mural is missing and part has been painted over with a coast of arms. You can see Christ's feet nailed to the cross, two men in armour and a women with a halo presumably Mary, mother of Christ.

What can surviving murals tell us about their original contexts? What are the limits of our powers of interpretation and reconstruction?

Womanly Wickedness in West Midland Medieval Wall Paintings

Womanly wickedness in West Midland medieval wall paintings - Alewife at Coventry

Our topic this month is “Womanly wickedness in West Midland medieval wall paintings: picking titles and communicating research in Coventry and Stratford-upon-Avon”. Medieval wall paintings aren’t easy to interpret. They are often fragmentary or compromised by later interventions. The meaning