Art History Discovery Circle

NOTE: This is only an example of a Discovery Circle to provide an idea of what one might look like.

A photograph of an exhibition of water colour paintings. The paintings are mounted on a white wall and are all reflected on the shiny floor.
Art exhibition of the Watercolor Museum.
Image by Yess Mendez from Wikimedia Commons

Welcome to the page for the Art History Discovery Circle!

The aim of the Circle is to discuss individual works of art or the work of an artist. We also visit local art exhibitions together.  We share our knowledge and interpretation of the art works with each other. While some of the members of the Circle have been interested in art history for a while, others of us are new to the topic. You don’t need any prior knowledge of art history to join in. We’re all learning.

We meet online and in person. When we meet online we discuss an artist or a particular work of art. We decide the focus of the next Circle at the end of the Circle meeting and try to make sure different people get their turn in suggesting a topic. Usually when we meet in person we are visiting a local exhibition. Afterwards we go to a café to chat about what we have seen. We try to see free exhibitions so that being involved in the Circle costs as little as possible. We share being the leader of the sessions though we appreciate that not everyone will want to do this.

Details of our next meeting

[e.g. ‘Our next meeting is online on 2 July at 7pm. We are discussing the work of Tracey Emin. Pick out a couple examples of her work and come along to tell us what you think about them. Sign up using this link to get the meeting details…..’ OR ‘We’re meeting on Sunday 7 July at 2pm to view and discuss the art exhibition in New Walk Museum. We’re meeting up in the entrance to Museum. After the exhibition we’re going to the Belmont House Hotel for a cup of tea and to share our impressions.’

Do you want to find out more?

If you are interested in finding out more about the Art History Circle you can email You can also just come along to our next meeting to see if the Circle is right for you. There’s no obligation to join! We have many members who just come when they can.