Latest Past Courses & Events

Gifts and Giving in the Middle Ages

Trinity House The Newark Leicester LE2 7BY

Dr Deirde O'Sullivan, from Archaeology at the University of Leicester, gives us insights into gifts and giving in the middle ages.


November forum: The Universities Partnership in Leicestershire: ambitions and next steps in education for all

A Forum of interest to those who want to find out more about the activities and aims of the Universities Partnership in Leicestershire. It will also appeal to those who are interested more broadly in the concept of the 'civic university' and its role in promoting widening participation and reawakening adult education within the university sector.


Living with the Wire

This talk will look at German and Austrian civilian internees on the Isle of Man during the First World War. How did they cope with 'living with the wire' for anything up to 5 years in captivity?