Understanding yourself and why you do what you do

This workshop aims to look at why do we do what we do. During it you will gain insight, through exploration of the three cornerstone approaches of psychotherapy and counselling, to help understand ourselves and find answers to the question of why we do what we do.
This workshop is repeated on Saturday 14 May.


Resilience and….Burnout

A course for those working in psychological and caring/helping professions to help foster your own and your clients' resilience and selfcare.


Resilience and….working with trauma

Working with trauma can present a unique challenge for the helping professional. This workshop will present the ways in which the helper can be impacted by engaging with
trauma and how they can help themselves so that they can continue to help others.


Working with LGBT Clients 

A CPD workshop for counsellors covering a wide range of issues designed for those working with LGBT clients.


The Midas touch – be careful what you wish for

Why are business and organisational studies so neglected by universities and other education institutions? This special Forum considers how such narrow thinking has taken over most aspects of our society.