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Networking in the past: funerary networks in central Italy in the first millennium BC

10th March 2022 @ 6:15 pm 7:30 pm

An Etruscan tumulus tomb

About the March Forum

Presented by Dr Ulla Rajala, Stockholm University, Sweden

Connectivity is one of the most fashionable buzzwords in recent archaeological and historical research. Social Network Analysis (SNA) and Agent Network Theory (ANT) are applied in different research projects across the fields. The aim of this talk is two-fold: firstly, to present the different types of network research and explain the basic concepts and their applications in different fields; and secondly, to present my own archaeological research in central Italy.

The study of the main cemetery areas will show the changing social networks from the Early Iron Age to the end of the Hellenistic period. I will look at the tomb types in different communities along the Tyrrhenian and Adriatic Seas and in the Apennines and how this category of evidence can tell us about identities and a sense of belonging to different social and political networks. I will discuss the burial grounds in southern Etruria, Latium, Umbria, Campania, Samnium and Picenum in order to study the relative closeness and distance reflected in the regional and supra-regional networks. I will explore the effects of the cultural change in relation to the expansion of the Roman state.

About the presenter

Dr Ulla Rajala is an archaeologist affiliated with Stockholm University, Sweden, but living with her family in Leicester. The research she is presenting here was funded by Vetenskapsr├ądet in Sweden. She did her PhD at Cambridge and has also worked at the University of Oulu, Finland, where she holds an honorary adjunct professorship.’

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Networking in the past: funerary networks in central Italy in the first millennium BC

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