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December Forum: An open discussion on what the future holds for in-person learning

14th December 2023 @ 6:15 pm 7:15 pm

What can in-person teaching offer in a digital age? Reviewing experiences of learners and teachers after the pandemic.

This is of a library or classroom in a 1940s night school. There are books along the wall. A long table has three learners seated at it: two men and one older woman wearing a hat and coat. They are all reading. A young women stands reading learning against the shelves.

Image@ Night School Girl- Evening Classes in Wartime London, C 1940 D366.jpg: Ministry of Information Photo Division Photographer, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

About the December Forum

Miriam Gill and Lucy Faire will be leading a discussion about the value (if any) of face-to-face (or ‘in-person’) learning and teaching in a digital age. During the pandemic, many more of us experienced online learning. Teachers, who perhaps had never taught online before, acquired new skills in digital delivery; students became familiar with online communications platforms such as Zoom or Teams. Although pandemic is officially over, much learning has remained online. The decisions to do this have often been constructed through practical and economic considerations or driven by the imperatives of policy, with perhaps less attention paid to the voices of learners and teachers.

In this Forum we will debate what face-to-face learning can offer to both student and teacher. Come along to share your views on both online and face-to-face delivery. Is there still a place for in-person teaching and learning? If so, what is that place? This is an interactive forum and we would like learners (both past and present) and teachers to share your views in a friendly discussion.

About the hosts

Miriam and Lucy have taught adult for many years, delivering in both in-person and online settings. In 2022 they under took a small research project to consider how the shift to online learning during the COVID 19 lockdown period changed adult learners’ experiences of lifelong learning. You can find out more about this project here and read some of their initial findings.

About the Vaughan Open Research Forum

Vaughan Open Research Forum is series of talks, workshops and interactive sessions which are open to anyone who is curious and wants to find out more.

Themes for sessions relate to our core teaching topics, arts, humanities, social sciences and counselling, and also discuss adult education and co-operative issues


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December Forum: An open discussion on what the future holds for in-person learning

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