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Leicester Vaughan College is currently in negotiations with an established university that should see us offering degrees from autumn 2021. The information provided here only gives an indication of the College’s plans and does not form part of any formal offer or commitment. Once we receive formal approval and agreement for the course, we will be able to provide more detailed information.  Please note therefore that this information is subject to change.

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About the BA (Hons) in Societies and Cultures Course

This is a part-time six year BA programme. If this sounds daunting, you can opt to complete the first two years of the degree and gain a Higher Education Certificate in Societies and Cultures or complete four years of the programme to gain a Higher Education Diploma in Societies and Cultures. Students taking the Higher Education Certificate will be able to take a break in their studies before progressing onto the higher levels of the degree.

This degree course will appeal to those who are interested in studying history, history of art and architecture, religion, and literature. It is an ideal course for those wanting the discipline, friendliness and support of face-to-face classes while maintaining work and family commitments. 

The degree considers examples of societies and cultures from the medieval period to the present day across a broad geographical area.  It offers a multi-disciplinary (that is, more than one subject area) approach which draws on the disciplines of art history and architecture, history, literature, and theology and religious studies. By studying the degree, you gain a better understanding of societies and cultures, both in the past and the present.

You will study varied topics through multi-disciplinary modules which combine the main subject areas of the BA. These modules will help you to compare and contrast the ways that different subjects, such art history or literature, approach the topics discussed.  There is a wide range of assessment types with a choice of questions so that you can pursue topics and subject areas that particularly interest you. You will also study single-subject modules (for e.g. history or religious studies) which help you to develop your key skills in each subject area.  

The course follows a co-operative ethos: you will work together with students and tutors, sharing your own knowledge, experiences and perspectives on the issues discussed during the programme. You will play an active role in directing the content of the different modules through the contributions you make in class and through your written coursework.

All students can opt to join the LVC community benefit society co-operative which means that you can participate in important decisions regarding the College.

Areas of Study

During the course you will:

  1. Discuss what is ‘society’ and what is ‘culture’
  2. Consider the varied experiences within different societies and cultures and the ways that these create individual and collective identities
  3. Examine some of the processes at work in the formation and development of cultures and societies, such as: how culture is developed through the interaction between different groups within a society; how culture is developed through interaction with societies from other countries
  4. Develop academic and life skills, such as making sustained arguments supported by evidence and evaluating information and ideas
  5. Work together with students and tutors to discover and assess information about societies and cultures.

Our Students

The course is designed to enable all students, whatever their backgrounds and level of prior learning, to flourish by offering modules and assessments that recognise the knowledge and skills you already have before you start your journey towards a degree . It provides you with a fully supported learning experience via small group teaching and individualised learning. This tailored approach is enhanced by co-operative pedagogy which recognises the expertise and knowledge you bring to teaching sessions and can share with tutors and other students. 

Part-Time Course Hours

Your commitment would be to approximately 15 hours of study per week.

Our intention is to offer this as weekday twilight sessions (approx. 6-9pm) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays , with occasional other days and times, such as Saturdays.  These will be in Leicester City Centre, but it might be that the autumn term is online or blended in 2021 due to COVID-19. If this is the case we will discuss with students the different options and structures. Normal face-to-face teaching will be one evening per week that is standardised across the year; if blended we will likely have two shorter sessions each week.

About the Course Tutors

The tutors are all experienced in teaching HE adult learners over many years. Our tutors understand the pressures faced by students who are studying while also looking after family members and/or have full time work.